Vol 2, No 4 (2011)

Table of Contents



Vitamin D and Athletic Performance: The Potential Role of Muscle PDF XML
Bruce Hamilton Pages: 211-219
Correlations of Handgrip Strength with Selected Hand-Arm-Anthropometric Variables in Indian Inter-university Female Volleyball Players PDF XML
Shyamal Koley, Satinder Kaur Pages: 220-226
Effect of Eccentric Isotonic Quadriceps Muscle Exercises on Patellofemoral Pain Syndrome: An Exploratory Pilot Study PDF XML
Charu Eapen, Chetan Nayak, Chundanveetil Zulfeequer Pages: 227-234
The Attenuation of Strike Acceleration with the Use of Safety Equipment in Tae Kwon Do PDF XML
Sanjey Gupta Pages: 235-240
The Offensive Efficiency of the High-Level Handball Players of the Front and the Rear Lines PDF XML
Cherif Moncef, Gomri Dagbaji, Aouidet Abdallah, Said Mohamed Pages: 241-248
Functional Performance Testing in Athletes with Functional Ankle Instability PDF XML
Nidhi Sharma, Archna Sharma, Jaspal Sandhu Pages: 249-258
How Effective Is Sun Salutation in Improving Muscle Strength, General Body Endurance and Body Composition? PDF XML
Milind Bhutkar, Pratima Bhutkar, Govind Taware, Anil Surdi Pages: 259-266
A Pilot Trial on Kinematic Magnetic Resonance Imaging Using a Superconducting, Horizontally Opened, 1.2 T Magnetic Resonance System PDF XML
Daisuke Shimao, Yoshikazu Shimada, Jiro Kobayashi, Kazuyuki Kato, Tatsuya Misawa, Haruyasu Kato, Michiko Dohi Pages: 267-274
Sudden Cardiac Death in Athletes: Big Trouble, Not So Little Asia PDF XML
Abhimanyu Uberoi, Victor Froelicher Pages: 275-276