Vol 3, No 1 (2012)

Table of Contents



Children dental trauma facts for emergent field management. XML
Karim Poorsattar Bejeh-Mir, Arash Poorsattar Bejeh-Mir Pages: 64
Dog Bites among Off-Road Cyclists: A Report of Two Cases. XML
Majid Ansari, Masih Shafiei, Ramin Kordi Pages: 60-3
Bone Mineral Changes and Cardiovascular Effects among Female Athletes with Chronic Menstrual Dysfunction. XML
Ghazaleh Soleimany, Haleh Dadgostar, Sara Lotfian, Mazyar Moradi-Lakeh, Elham Dadgostar, Shafieh Movaseghi Pages: 53-8
Comparison of MR images for age determination; T1 weighted images (T1WI) versus T2* weighted images (T2*WI). XML
Yoshikazu Shimada, Daisuke Shimao, Jiro Kobayashi, Chikako Nakahori, Mariko Shimada, Hiroo Fujimoto, Tatsuya Misawa, Haruyasu Kato, Michiko Dohi Pages: 47-52
The effect of exercise on urinary gamma-glutamyltransferase and protein levels in elite female karate athletes. XML
Nader Shavandi, Abolfazl Samiei, Reza Afshar, Abbas Saremi, Rahman Sheikhhoseini Pages: 41-6
Role of biofeedback in optimizing psychomotor performance in sports. XML
Maman Paul, Kanupriya Garg, Jaspal Singh Sandhu Pages: 29-40
The effect of a combined high-intensity plyometric and speed training program on the running and jumping ability of male handball players. XML
Monsef Cherif, Mohamed Said, Sana Chaatani, Olfa Nejlaoui, Daghbaji Gomri, Aouidet Abdallah Pages: 21-8
The effect of sleep deprivation on choice reaction time and anaerobic power of college student athletes. XML
Morteza Taheri, Elaheh Arabameri Pages: 15-20
Intrarater reliability of pain intensity, tissue blood flow, thermal pain threshold, pressure pain threshold and lumbo-pelvic stability tests in subjects with low back pain. XML
Aatit Paungmali, Patraporn Sitilertpisan, Khanittha Taneyhill, Ubon Pirunsan, Sureeporn Uthaikhup Pages: 8-14
Outcomes of birmingham hip resurfacing: a systematic review. XML
Steve Karas Pages: 1-7