Vol 3, No 2 (2012)

Table of Contents



Socio-cultural power dynamics and coping functions: a narrative case report of a female paralympian. XML
Anaurene Roy Pages: 131-8
Characteristics of Headache at Altitude among Trekkers; A comparison between Acute Mountain Sickness and Non-Acute Mountain Sickness Headache. XML
Reza Alizadeh, Vahid Ziaee, Ziba Aghsaeifard, Farzad Mehrabi, Taha Ahmadinejad Pages: 126-30
Percentage of body fat and weight gain in participants in the tehran high school wrestling championship. XML
Ramin Kordi, Ruhollah Nourian, Mohsen Rostami, W Angus Wallace Pages: 119-25
Anthropometric Profile and Special Judo Fitness levels of Indian Judo Players. XML
Jayasudha Katralli, Shivaprasad S Goudar Pages: 113-8
Physical fitness, physical activity and sedentary activities of 7 to 11 year old boys with different body mass indexes. XML
Samad Esmaeilzadeh, Karim Ebadollahzadeh Pages: 105-12
Anthropometric and hemodynamic profiles of athletes and their relevance to performance in the mount cameroon race of hope. XML
Martin A Salah, Vincent S Verla, Calvin Tonga Pages: 99-104
Predictor variables for marathon race time in recreational female runners. XML
Wiebke Schmid, Beat Knechtle, Patrizia Knechtle, Ursula Barandun, Christoph Alexander RĂ¼st, Thomas Rosemann, Romuald Lepers Pages: 90-8
The effect of an ecological imagery program on soccer performance of elite players. XML
Tohid Seif-Barghi, Ramin Kordi, Amir-Hossein Memari, Mohammad-Ali Mansournia, Majid Jalali-Ghomi Pages: 81-9
Influence of morphological characteristics on physical and physiological performances of tunisian elite male handball players. XML
Cherif Moncef, Mohamed Said, Najlaoui Olfa, Gomri Dagbaji Pages: 74-80
Metabolic limitations of performance and fatigue in football. XML
Abdullah F Alghannam Pages: 65-73