Vol 3, No 3 (2012)

Table of Contents



Travelling fellowship program for football medicine; report on an experience. XML
Tohid Seifbarghi, Akram Hashemi, Farzin Halabchi Pages: 216-24
Knee pain following a ski injury. XML
Morteza Khodaee, Ryan Bartkus Pages: 214-5
Congenital Adrenal Hyperplasia in an Elite Female Soccer Player; What Sports Medicine Clinicians Should Know about This? XML
Hooman Angoorani, Zohreh Haratian, Farzin Halabchi Pages: 209-13
Health-related quality of life in Iranian women with different levels of physical activity. XML
Maliheh Farid, Soheila Dabiran Pages: 203-7
The estimation of the fat free mass index in athletes. XML
Jeremy P Loenneke, Jacob M Wilson, Mandy E Wray, Jeremy T Barnes, Monica L Kearney, Thomas J Pujol Pages: 200-3
Effect of Exercise Program and Calcium Supplements on Low Bone Mass among Young Indian Women- A Comparative Study. XML
Shweta Shenoy, Neha Dhawan, Jaspal Singh Sandhu Pages: 193-9
Influence of selected exercise on serum immunoglobulin, testosterone and cortisol in semi-endurance elite runners. XML
Keyvan Hejazi, Seyyed-Reza Attarzadeh Hosseini Pages: 185-92
Monitoring training load and fatigue in rugby sevens players. XML
Mohamed Elloumi, Emna Makni, Wassim Moalla, Taieb Bouaziz, Zouhair Tabka, Gérard Lac, Karim Chamari Pages: 175-84
Elevated body mass index and body fat percentage are associated with decreased physical fitness in soccer players aged 12-14 years. XML
Pantelis Theodoros Nikolaidis Pages: 168-74
Effects of morning caffeine' ingestion on mood States, simple reaction time, and short-term maximal performance on elite judoists. XML
Makram Souissi, Salma Abedelmalek, Hamdi Chtourou, Rim Atheymen, Ahmed Hakim, Zouhair Sahnoun Pages: 161-8
Acute injuries in student circus artists with regard to gender specific differences. XML
Eileen M Wanke, Moira McCormack, Franziska Koch, Alice Wanke, David A Groneberg Pages: 153-60
Participation and Performance Trends in Triple Iron Ultra-triathlon - a Cross-sectional and Longitudinal Data Analysis. XML
Christoph Alexander Rüst, Beat Knechtle, Patrizia Knechtle, Thomas Rosemann, Romuald Lepers Pages: 145-52
Diurnal variations in physical performances related to football in young soccer players. XML
Hamdi Chtourou, Omar Hammouda, Hichem Souissi, Karim Chamari, Anis Chaouachi, Nizar Souissi Pages: 139-44