Vol 5, No 1 (2014)

Table of Contents



Benign paroxysmal positional vertigo caused by swimming. XML
Omer Tarık Selcuk, Ali Eraslan, Ustun Osma, Emin Eren, Hulya Eyigor, Mustafa Deniz Yilmaz Pages: 71-2
Exercise therapy for total tear of rotator cuff: a case report. XML
Parisa Nejati, Faramarz Akbari Pages: 67-70
Repeated Acceleration Ability (RAA): A New Concept with Reference to Top-Level Field and Assistant Soccer Referees. XML
José Carlos Barberó-Álvarez, Daniel Boullosa, Fábio Yuzo Nakamura, Germán Andrín, Matthew Weston Pages: 63-6
Surface Electromyography Assessments of the Vastus medialis and Rectus femoris Muscles and Creatine Kinase after Eccentric Contraction Following Glutamine Supplementation. XML
Farhad Rahmani-Nia, Esmail Farzaneh, Arsalan Damirchi, Ali Shamsi Majlan, Vahid Tadibi Pages: 54-62
Physical Activity during a Prolonged Congested Period in a Top-Class European Football Team. XML
Léo Djaoui, Del P Wong, Vincent Pialoux, Christophe Hautier, Cristiano D Da Silva, Karim Chamari, Alexandre Dellal Pages: 47-53
Association of ambient air quality with pulmonary function of youngster footballers. XML
Paulomi Das, Pinaki Chatterjee Pages: 39-46
Neuromuscular and metabolic responses to three different resistance exercise methods. XML
Hamid Arazi, Bahman Mirzaei, Naser Heidari Pages: 30-8
Physiological Responses and Performance Analysis Difference between Official and Simulated Karate Combat Conditions. XML
Helmi Chaabène, Bessem Mkaouer, Emerson Franchini, Nafaa Souissi, Mohamed Amine Selmi, Yassine Nagra, Karim Chamari Pages: 21-9
A Comparison of Anthropometric and Training Characteristics between Female and Male Half-Marathoners and the Relationship to Race Time. XML
Miriam Friedrich, Christoph A Rüst, Thomas Rosemann, Patrizia Knechtle, Ursula Barandun, Romuald Lepers, Beat Knechtle Pages: 10-20
Common sports-related infections: a review on clinical pictures, management and time to return to sports. XML
Zahra Ahmadinejad, Neda Alijani, Sedigeh Mansori, Vahid Ziaee Pages: 1-9