Asian Journal of Sports Medicine 2010. 1(1):41-45.

A Regression Equation for the Estimation of Maximum Oxygen Uptake in Nepalese Adult Females
Pinaki Chatterjee, Alok Banerjee, Paulomi Das, Parimal Debnath


Purpose: Validity of the 20-meter multi stage shuttle run test (20-m MST) has not been studied in Nepalese population. The purpose of this study was to validate the applicability of the 20-m MST in Nepalese adult females.

Methods: Forty female college students (age range, 20.42 ~24.75 years) from different colleges of Nepal were recruited for the study. Direct estimation of VO2 max comprised treadmill exercise followed by expired gas analysis by scholander micro-gas analyzer whereas VO2 max was indirectly predicted by the 20-m MST.

Results: The difference between the mean (±SD) VO2 max values of direct measurement (VO2 max = 32.78 +/-2.88 ml/kg/min) and the 20-m MST (SPVO2 max = 32.53+/-3.36 ml/kg/min) was statistically insignificant (P>0.10). Limits of agreement analysis also suggest that the 20-m MST can be applied for the studied population.

Conclusion: The results of limits of agreement analysis suggest that the application of the present form of the 20-m MST may be justified in the studied population. However, for better prediction of VO2 max, a new equation has been computed based on the present data to be used for female college students of Nepal.


Cardiovascular fitness, VO2max, Beep test, Indirect measurement, Sedentary,

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